Colombia : vaccinations

Vaccinations that are mandatory

Vaccination against yellow fever is only compulsory for Colombia if you have been in a yellow fever country in the seven days before you enter Colombia.

This advice also applies if you made a switch and were in the yellow fever country for more than 12 hours.

Vaccinations with longer stays.

For a stay of longer than three months, vaccinations against hepatitis B, rabies (= rabies) are recommended for Colombia. Sometimes vaccinations against these diseases are recommended for Colombia for shorter stays. Consult with us about this.

Vaccinations that are recommended

Regardless of length of stay, the following vaccinations for Colombia are recommended: vaccination against DTP (diphtheria, tetanus and polio) and vaccination against hepatitis A (infectious jaundice) and vaccination against yellow fever. The yellow fever vaccination is not recommended above 2300 meters and also not in Bogotá and the department of San Andrés and Providencia, see yellow fever map South America.

Malaria prevention

There is malaria in Colombia, see malaria map Colombia. For certain parts of Colombia it is advisable to take an emergency treatment along with good anti-mosquito measures.

Malaria mosquitoes sting mainly in the evening, at night and in the early morning. The risk of malaria is reduced by wearing clothes with long sleeves and trouser legs. An insect repellent with DEET is also recommended, as is the use of a mosquito net. When fever occurs during or after a stay in a malaria area, it is important to visit a doctor within 24 hours.

Practical information about vaccinations for Colombia

DTP vaccination

The DTP vaccination gives protection that lasts for ten years. DTP vaccinations can be given last-minute, but it is better to get your vaccinations one to two weeks before your trip.

Vaccination against hepatitis A

A vaccination against hepatitis A provides protection for one to three years (depending on the vaccine brand). If the vaccination is repeated, it gives protection for 30 to 40 years. The vaccinations can also be given last-minute, but it is best to get your vaccination at least two weeks before departure.

Vaccination against yellow fever

The vaccination against yellow fever gives a lifelong protection in most cases. This vaccination is best done at least ten days before departure.

Hepatitis B vaccinations

For protection against hepatitis B you need three vaccinations. The protection is lifelong. It is best to start with the vaccinations at least seven months before departure. If you come at least one month in advance, you can get two more vaccinations that offer less protection than when you get all three vaccinations.

Vaccinations against rabies or rabies

Vaccination against rabies consists of two inoculations with an interval of one week. It is best to start the vaccinations three to four weeks before departure.