Cellphones in Colombia

Cell phone operators in Colombia have been rolling out 4G networks over the past several years. So the use of internet is pretty good.

Calling from one provider to another can be more expensive in Colombia than calling from the same provider.

You will often see that stores, kiosks and street vendors sell “minutos” or phone minutes on different mobile phones for each operator. It can be cheaper to call them to another operator.

In Colombia only the person who starts a mobile call will be charged for the call. The person receiving the call will not be charged.

As a result, you will notice that some people in Colombia are having a “tinkling” telephone conversation. They call, let him pass once and wait for the person to call back. This often happens when someone with a prepaid service does not have a lot of calling credit on their phone.

Many now use WhatsApp. This app is included in many subscriptions when they purchase an internet connection. So just contact yourself on the spot via WhatsApp.

Claro has the largest wireless network in Colombia. So, it typically has the best wireless network coverage throughout the country, including the smaller cities and pueblos.

Are there specific regions that you want to visit and you want to know if there is scope you can look up the current coverage for each of the following links per provider.

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