Emergency info Colombia
  • 111 – Disaster Care
  • 112 – National Police
  • 112 – Firefighters
  • 113 – General Information
  • 123 – Emergencies
  • 127 – Transit (for accidents)
  • 132 – Colombia Red Cross   www.cruzrojacolombiana.org
  • 165 – Anti-kidnapping, anti-terrorism and anti-extortion

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-In Colombia The electricity VOLTAGE is 110 V AC at 60 Hz (110V AC, 60Hz).

-On industrial premises or for specific uses it is 220 V of alternating current at 60 Hz  (220V AC, 60Hz).

-It is easy to find voltage adapters and tension regulators, but it is always advisable to check the technical specifications of devices that you want to use in Colombia

-If you are planning to use anything with a three-prong plug, bring an adapter, as some establishments only have two-prong outlets.


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