New Venice in Colombia

Nueva Venecia is a peculiar city of the Magdalena department. It is part of the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta. The Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta is the largest lagoon complex in Colombia. This swamp covers an infinite number of species in flora and fauna; It has its own Flora and Fauna Sanctuary, a magical place to connect with nature.
New Venice Colombia Culture
El Morro, better known as Nueva Venecia, is a city without a solid land, where having a patio in the house with a pet is a big asset. The fresh water that is consumed comes from the Magdalena River, which acquires invaluable value, as does the simple things of nature, a river stone or a plank of bad wood.
It is a place that has 300 wooden houses and has around 2,000 inhabitants.
New Venice Colombia Culture
New Venice Colombia Culture

The colonial and old architecture that it possesses will surprise you. Most of their colorful houses have thatched roofs and their residents will make you feel at home. A major tourist attraction of the place is that it is a Palafitic city. That is, the streets are ‘paved’ by water.


There are many versions about the origin of this royal city in the middle of the swamp.
As there was no ice in stock, the fish was smoked with firewood to be stored before shipping to Barranquilla and selling
The birds came to eat the fish in the vicinity of these mangroves on the edge of the mangrove, so they began to rebuild the construction of their workshop so that they could move everything inside to avoid the reach of the birds.

By being located in a flat place in shallow water they were able to expand the amount of smoking booths and build the barracks of the fish keepers. Gradually, more trojas and more houses were made. Due to the increasing demand for fish, the infrastructure was further expanded and the fishing village of Morro was created
The development for the village through the installation of petrol installations and fridges from icopor ensured that the houses had more structural needs. Because of this they of course had to deal with a few fires in the smokehouses. This was a period when people decided to change the straw of their roofs for everlasting tiles the palm of the walls through wood.
When the President of Colombia Ernesto Samper visited the area, he fell in love with the site and gave them important help in improving housing. After Sitio Nuevo, teacher Ismael Ambrosio Moreno came to compare the royal village with the city of Venice in Italy and the rest became history. He called it New Venice.

New Venice Colombia Culture

Structure and history

90% of the population is involved in fishing.

They have a primary school and a secondary school, where the lessons are given by teachers who arrive by boat every morning.

New Venice Colombia Culture
New Venice Colombia Culture

A bloodbath took place on November 22, 2000

The nearly 3,000 inhabitants of Nueva Venecia do not forget the 37 victims of the massacre that took place there on November 22, 2000.
The slogan hanging in the church says: “these brave people are a symbol of resilience, love and reconciliation.”

The love that children, young people and adults show you during the visit is enormous.

The colorful houses separated by water canals and are the symbol of hope. There is mobility by canoe, with which they learn to ride when they start taking their first steps, where the children learn to walk first.
The village has its own shipyard, where they build their canoes with red ceiba and laurel cumin and the coffins for their deceased.
As technology progresses, the New Venice shipyard must also evolve with it. Today they even prepare for materials such as fiberglass, and not only because they are more resistant, but also because they are more environmentally friendly.

New Venice Colombia Culture
New Venice Colombia Culture

The tourist offer of Nueva Venecia is growing more and more. The residents create options for visitors to get to know their beautiful landscapes better. The village community constantly strives to be a good host, showing tourists their landscapes and traditions with great joy.

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