The Best Surf Spots in Colombia

Colombia has some amazing surfing beaches on both its Northern Caribbean Coast and its Western Pacific Coast. Some of them are easier to get to than others but any surfing enthusiast would be happy to know that there is opportunity for all types of experience levels and preferences.

Surfspots In Colombia

With long coastlines nestled up against tropical rainforests, Colombia is known for harboring a number of world-class waves; some might even consider Colombia’s Pacific coast to be home to the best surfing on the continent. However, the country’s tumultuous history has kept its surf scene relatively out of the spotlight. Until recently!Though it may not immediately spring to mind when considering the world’s premier surf destinations, Colombia’s sexy dangerous charm is quickly gaining popularity and drawing people from all over the world. As the only South American country with long coastlines that breach both the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean, it’s certain that these surfing gems won’t stay hidden for long.

The Caribbean coast

Though many would consider Colombia unconquered, that shouldn’t frighten beginner surfers who want to test their sea legs in the warm, equatorial waters. The Caribbean coastline is a bit more accessible to travelers than the isolated Pacific beaches, making them attractive to swathes of beachgoers and pleasure-seekers — but this is not always a bad thing! Here, accommodation is plentiful and the gentle waves are great for beginners to play around on.

Although the waves are not as strong as the waves on the Western Pacific Coast, there are beaches for all levels of surfers.
Those who seek more challenging waves can continue east towards Barranquilla and visit Pradomar, arguably one of the Caribbean’s most popular and crowded beaches and surf spots — but not without reason. The break is one of the most consistent in

Surfspots In Colombia

Surf Spots Caribbean Cost


Predomar is a very popular surfing beach so it can get a little crowded. Try and go during the week. There are some fun bars along the beach and there are a bunch of locals. Consistent waves for all levels.
Barranquilla – Accessible by Car.

Cartagena Jetty

Warm Caribbean waters makes this a great beach for a laid back surfing vacation. Great for beginners, the break at Cartagena is located on the west end of Cartagena Beach.


Suitable for all surfers ranging from beginner to experienced. From Santa Marta take a bus from “El Mercado.”

El Bolsillo

A powerful wave for experienced surfers, accessible by car.

El Muelle

This powerful beach for experienced surfers and is a great place to practice and learn new tricks. When you get to Puerto Colombia, ask for El Muelle and everyone will know what you are talking about. Puerto Colombia is just outside of Barranquilla.

Punta Roca

This easy-to-find beach has very strong waves and winds. Here you will find some of the most powerful winds on the Caribbean side without the crowds. Be careful of the current and sharp rocks. Leave for Barranquilla.

Punta Sur

This empty beach is great for all surfing levels. It’s easy to reach by car or foot and you will have hours of consistent waves and definitely run into some interesting and curious locals. Go to San Andres, Punta Sur is on the south point of Island.


Located in Tayrona National Park, by the Mendihuaca Hotel. Great waves for the Caribbean. Keep in mind that Tayrona National Park can be expensive


Located 30 minutes from Cartagena, 4×4 recommended. Nice wave

Surfspots In Colombia
Surfspots In Colombia

Surfing In Columbia Pacific Cost

The center of it all on the Pacific side is a sleepy little town called Nuqui. This has become a common base in the area for surfers as conditions have improved and new beaches have been discovered.
From Nuqui, you can find the right guide or tour to take you to your destination. There are various hotels in Nuquí, from Pico de Loro
For experts only and accessible by boat. If you are surfing here, you not only know what you’re doing but have some inside information.
Most locals don’t even know how to get here. This is one of the best surfing beaches in Colombia but is dangerously rocky and only for the seasoned expert.
We recommend finding a local guide at one of the hotels since you will probably not be able to find it yourself. The beach is a short ride from Nuqui and is uncrowded.

The place is surrounded by Jungle so don’t be surprised with all the birds, foliage, and animals you might see. Take a plane from Medellin to Nuqui and make arrangements through the hotel or a local business to take you to Pico de Loro

Juan Tornillo

Juan Tornillo is another isolated but fantastic spot for the experienced surfers. Like Pico de Loro, it is just a short boat road south of Nuqui. Talk to a local guide or hotel concierge for information on how to reach this great surfing beach.

El Valle

El Valle is also only accessible by boat. To get here, arrive in Nuqui and then have a local bring you to this small town.

There is cheap accommodation and tourist friendly people here. The waves here are pretty intense so we recommend traveling with a guide. El Valle is known for its frequent, consistent surf, uncrowded beaches, and it’s beautiful landscapes.

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Terco & Termales

A short boat ride from Nuqui, these beaches are more of a beginner friendly. Swells can reach up to 8 feet. Great place for lessons.

Surfspots In Colombia
Surfspots In Colombia
Is Colombia a surfer’s paradise? The local surfers are few and far between. The surf industry is small. You won’t find surf shops tucked around each corner. But what it lacks in notoriety and pomp, Colombia makes up for in earnest quality and challenge. Cut off by thick jungles, you can experience the ocean as you were meant to, push your limits, step out of your comfort zone, and relish the unhurried way of life that the Colombians have mastered so well. Grab your surfboard, harness your adventurous spirit, and give Colombia a whirl.
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